Vintage Candy Bucket (Please Read Info)

Vintage Candy Bucket (Please Read Info)

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The bucket will not come stuffed like in the photos, but we do always include a couple extra surprises when we can with all our purchases! :) The filled pumpkins are reserved for special times of the year and the photos are still used to give you a realistic idea of the size. 

I sculpted this vintage candy bucket while eating Halloween candy and listening to The Moontrekkers... it is full of all sorts of vintage Halloween love! The idea came to me when I had an idea for a promo shoot featuring our masks and I didn't like the idea of using a new, cheap China made candy bucket. But I don't own anything like what I had in mind. So I decided to just make my own! This little guy is my new pride and joy! -Edyn

Since it is completely handmade, slight variations in weight, color, texture, etc may vary from the photos keeping the item a unique, one of a kind art piece. We also mix up the rope used on the handle to keep them all a little more varied from one another. 

It is made from industrial strength resin it is quite thicker and a bit heavier than your traditional candy buckets. Would make an excellent candy dish or floral vase. It is hand casted, sanded, painted and finished with a clear varnish to protect it's paint job. Measures roughly 7.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall (not counting the rope handle).