Q- What is the material you use?
Most of our art is made from an industrial strength resin with a 75 shore D hardness, unless stated otherwise in the listing details. We specialize in this type of resin product because we personally like this option best out of all the other materials we've used. We feel like it represents the old school, plastic Halloween Masks, but in a high quality form that's not going to crack or deteriorate or deform in shape! 

Q- When can I expect my order to be shipped?
As of 10/18/19, all items listed here are estimated to ship 3-6 weeks (although we do pride ourselves on getting orders shipped sooner than we estimate in most cases). Please plan accordingly, especially when buying for the holidays as we get VERY busy. Feel free to email info@edynrashae.com or send an Instagram DM if you still have questions regarding this.

Q- Can your masks be worn or are they for decoration only?
Both! We obviously are highly inspired by antique decorative pieces so most of our masks are designed with both wearing and display in mind. Our masks are a hard, faceplate style so you can easily slide it onto your head when needing a break from it being on your face. We also offer soft foam eye inserts to help make the masks more comfortable. At most you're going to wear a mask for a few hours at a time, so with the hard material we use you're able to also easily display your piece the remainder of the year without fear of it warping or deteriorating. We use only the highest quality, industrial strength material to ensure your mask will last a lifetime and beyond! 

Q- Why am I being charged taxes and shipping at checkout?

We have to pay taxes on all of our sales because we are a legitimate business, based in Texas. We prefer you to be able to see the taxes and shipping itemized instead of just including it in the price of the item. This way you know exactly what you're paying for! We do offer discount codes for free shipping frequently to our email subscribers so be sure to subscribe on our home page. 

Q- Can I order a custom piece?
Due to our current work load, we have to be extremely selective of what we can take on as custom work. Because of this, we are mostly limited to custom props and masks for film projects or large events only. Please send us a message at info@edynrashae.com for custom inquires. Otherwise, we can customize many of our pieces with custom paint jobs. It is also possible to customize our current sculpts with unique teeth, horns or even a change in size! Custom paint is generally free of charge unless it's a special kind of paint (such as holographic, color changing, UV, etc.). The price of custom teeth, horn work and custom sizing will depend on the amount of product and time put into this type of customization. Please email us or send a DM for these customizing inquires. 

Q- Do you do refunds or exchanges?
Please contact us within 24 hours of your purchase to cancel or change your order. Due to the handmade nature and processing time of our items we do not typically do refunds or exchanges. However, having said that, if you have a problem with your item once it's been delivered, please let us know immediately so we can do whatever we can to get you taken care of. On this subject, please note we usually respond to emails within 24-48 hours. If you have not received a response within 2-3 days of emailing, please feel free to message us through another form of communication such as Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes emails do get lost! 

Q- Is your work available for retail or do you offer wholesale pricing for bulk purchases?
Because our stuff is not mass produced and is all handmade from the sculpt to packaging, this is a case by case basis. Please send us a message to info@edynrashae.com or through social media. We do have a few stockists that have very limited supply of our work in their stores as you can see on our stockists page. We do usually offer discounts for mask orders of 5 or more, so send a message if you plan to place an order of more than 5 masks. 

Q- Can I use my order for promotional materials for my business or can I use this for a film project?
Just send us a message as this depends on a case by case basis. We typically just ask that you ask for permission prior and credit us wherever necessary! We currently hold credits for 5 films and counting! We love collaborating with other artists in this way! 

Q- Can I share your photos or can I use one of your designs/photos for a tattoo, makeup look, or art project/piece?
Again, just send us a message or be sure to tag or credit us! We're not easily upset at this type of thing, but mostly would just love to see it!

Q- How did you get started or how long have you been doing this?
Edyn started making Halloween props and doing Halloween makeup at around age 14. Ghoulio made his first mask at age 14 as well! To read more about our background click here

Q- Are you hiring?
As of April 2019 we are currently looking for some extra hands. It would be really limited, a few days a month to help with casting and sanding. Would be a great learning opportunity for an artist wanting to learn more about mold making, casting, business operations, etc. If you feel you're a good fit and are in the El Paso, TX or Lake Arrowhead, CA areas please send an email to info@edynrashae.com or send a message through Instagram or Facebook.

Q- Any further questions or concerns please email us at info@edynrashae.com or send an Instragram DM to @edynrashae !