About Us

Edyn Rashae Studios is a small family business that was established in 2016 after a family cosplay grew in popularity online. With well over 100 five star reviews online, we like to think our mission of spreading Halloween cheer is well received through our work!

-Edyn & Ghoulio

Edyn started attending haunted houses and watching horror films at an early age which ignited her love of all things creepy! Her Halloween passion prompted her to build her very own home haunt at only age 16!

In her mid 20s, while in beauty school, Edyn won 4 out of 5 makeup competitions and was soon hired as a lead makeup artist at a haunt in southern California. She quickly learned mask and prop making and was hired by a Hollywood mask company. 

In 2014 while working at a horror convention, Edyn met a clown that forever changed her life, Ghoulio. Despite having a clown phobia she befriended him on Facebook and agreed to meet the man behind the clown, Robert Alcala. They bonded over a mutual obsession of all things Halloween and fell head over heals!

Robert began making and selling masks in his teens. He went onto Hollywood to obtain a bachelor degree in film making and quickly began working in the industry. At the time they met, being a working musician and an artist of many talents, he fueled Edyn's creative side and urged her to stop being a closeted artist.

In 2016, shortly after the birth of their son, Tober, Edyn and Robert constructed a family cosplay of Lock, Shock and Barrel from "The Nightmare Before Christmas". The cosplay included a set of three masks. It was a personal project but the photos became popular online and requests to purchase them quickly followed. 

The masks made for these characters set Edyn's dreams into motion and together, Edyn and Robert create artisan masks, vintage-inspired props, jewelry and more under the company "Edyn Rashae Studios".

They also enjoy creating masks and props for theme parks and film projects, in addition to selling to collectors. Edyn Rashae Studios currently holds credits in 5 movies and counting! In addition to these types of prop items, they are also available for media work in haunted houses all across the U.S., working for some of the top haunts in the country!