Krampastein’s Monster with Real LongHorns

Krampastein’s Monster with Real LongHorns

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This is our most monstrous and biggest creation to date! He is also our most limited mask! We will only be offering this mask available with real horns, therefore each one will be completely unique from any other in existence. Each one will come signed, with a serial number.

Prices will vary depending on what horns are used. This particular listing is for the Krampastein pictured with real cow long horns and an antiqued, crackle finish. He has small accents of green in some of his textured areas but is mostly an aged cream white with black hair. His teeth feature a realistic sheen. His horns were ethically sourced from an antique shop and are left aged and raw with unique splintering to add a sinister touch!

Krampastein is a mash up of Krampus and Frankenstein’s monster. He was hand sculpted by Ghoulio. Molded by Ghoulio and Edyn. And was casted and hand painted by Edyn. Because of his enormous size he is quite heavy, weighing roughly pounds. He can easily be mounted by his horns for display (as shown in the photos). Or if he is to be worn we advise wearing him hung around the neck (disguising your head behind it as a back hump) or by applying a counter weight system and foam as they do with the Austrian Krampus masks. We can assist with this if needed for an additional charge, please email or reach out via social media for this assistance.