Nightmare Before Christmas Minis (Pins/Keychains/Magnets)

Nightmare Before Christmas Minis (Pins/Keychains/Magnets)

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These tiny little handmade characters will make the perfect addition to your pin, magnet or keychain collection! Each one is completely handmade from start to finish! Because of this slight variations in weight, color and texture may occur but this means your pin(s) will be unique from any others.

We use all professional materials including pro enamel paints and we finish with a protective clear coat to help preserve the hand painting. The keychains have a finished back as shown in the photos. Each magnet has a heavy duty magnet attached to the back. Each pin has a large surface metal pin back that is adhered with our new badass, industrial strength glue and has a metal locking back so you won’t easily loose your little guys! 

We anticipate a 3-4 week turn around, as there is currently a high demand for these little guys! Please order accordingly. Although, we try very hard to always beat our estimated ship time. As we get closer to the holiday season we may go up to a 6 week turn around. We have 2 options for Oogie as you can see in the photos, regular green painted or glow in the dark Oogie! There are a few options for various sets at a discounted price during checkout, no need for a code. Please read below for more info on some of the set options. 

There is an option to pick 3 characters at a discounted price. If you pick this option we will be sending you an email to ask which 3 characters you'd like so please make sure your email address is correct during checkout. If you do a pick 3 in a keychain finish all 3 characters will be attached to the same ring as shown in the photos. 

We've even added a discounted "complete your set" option for those who already have our Lock, Shock and Barrel minis. This set will include Jack, Sally, Zero and your choice of Oogie.